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Thanks for the tips. Mine is a 66 mt car. I'll bet I have to just run
another wire.

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> On 14 Jul 2015 at 19:09, Craigs List wrote:
> > I turned my clock into a tach. Where would be the easiest place to run
> the
> > wire to the coil? I would go out there and trace it, but it is 100
> degrees
> > with humidity. I would rather sit here and type abd think about it.
> If this is an MT car, go out and look at where the wire for the oil
> pressure sender breaks out of the wiring harness. On later cars there
> is a red wire that was just used on AT cars and was cut off at the
> factory if the car ended up with a MT.
> If you find the end of that wire in the engine compartment, the other
> end is under the dash and may be dangling or connected to the fuel
> pump relay. Either way, it's already there and not being used. Feel
> free to repurpose it.
> If this is an AT car, or an earlier MT car, you'll just have to
> install another wire parallel to the main wiring harness. This varies
> a lot, depending on the year. It can be quite difficult, especially
> on earlier cars.
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