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> He had 2 of them the yellow 73 basic model, and the  dark blue? 69 that he
> bought in NY, OH, and a third, the orange 72 he  had for many years before
> that, Im guessing thats the one she'd like  to find,
The '69 was dark green and was the one had for years. The  orange was being 
parted out as very rusted out. 

Even had a '66 or  '67 Fastback, which I know I have a picture of. It was 
just a shell out in  the field.

I can't imagine her wanting anything but the  '69, as Russ's daily driver 
and was in the best shape, even after leaving the  air cleaner out. ;p
Like I posted over on the Samba, Russ had 4 type 3 Fastbacks.  The 66 or 
better known as the Guinness Fastback, the Dark green 69 that he  and Dave 
went to NY and got (an e-bay car?), and the yellow 73 Fastback that he  bought 
off the Samba, and tightened the FI ground screw and drove off his  trailer 
(as he didn't want to make it run that easy in front of the seller  ;-) ).  
And finally the Orange 71 Fastback that he serviced from new,  including 
doing the dealer prep on it. That car was getting ready to become a  parts car 
due to rust. It's also the car he "mistakenly" left the air cleaner  off 
after doing an oil change and tune up on. It did run good though.  ;-)
But it's like I mentioned over there, they should contact Marilyn, or  
maybe the Auctioneer to find out who bought it. I'm not sure if it went to  
Omaha, or stayed local, as that was 3 or 4 years ago, and I've got CRS (can't  
remember stuff). ;-)
I do remember I was supposed to go get the 66, but I just couldn't find the 
 time to go get it, as I was busy, and could spare the time away at the 
time. I  ended up letting Marilyn know, and she sold it to someone else. Yes, 
I'd love to  have had that car (even though it didn't run), as it was a 1st 
year Fastback. :  )

Bob 65 Notch  with sunroof
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