[T3] Recalibrate speedometer

Sean Bartnik sjbartnik at mac.com
Mon May 11 07:10:57 PDT 2015

The odometer is a gear drive from the cable while the speedometer needle has no physical connection to the cable. The odometer won't be off unless a gear is slipping on its shaft or unless you put the wrong size tires on. 


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> On May 11, 2015, at 10:05 AM, Jacob Adam Schroeder <jacob.schroeder at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 4:33 PM, Dave Hall <dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk> wrote:
>> On the speedometer problem, the needle is spring loaded back to zero (past
>> it really), so it's not easy to reposition with accuracy.  Maybe someone
>> fiddled with it, which is why it reads fast. The needle is quite thin, and
>> fairly easy to damage. If the perceived low gas mileage is something to do
>> with the odometer, that must also by turning too fast, reading too many
>> miles.  I think you said the odometer was OK (eg compared with a GPS), in
>> which case the low gas mileage may be nothing to do with the speedometer.
>> It could be simply due to low voltage output from the voltage regulator
>> (seems odd but it's one of the most common reasons for poor mileage with FI
>> cars.
> That's right, my odometer seems correct, but I have only been measuring it
> on a trip by trip basis (e.g., a 9.6 mile trip according to the GPS reads
> about 9.5 miles on the odometer).  I had originally thought that I would
> need more testing to confirm that the odometer is correct, but now I don't
> think so.  Assuming I am off by 10 mph on my speedo, and I trust my GPS
> device that my average speed is about 40 mph, then after about an hour's
> worth of driving (or 40 actual miles according to my GPS), my odometer
> should read 30 if it was off just like my speedo.  After about 40 miles
> this week (according to the GPS), my odometer is still within +/- .2 miles
> of that.  So my odometer appears correct.
> The low mileage is one of those other things I am dealing with.  I'll post
> on that separately in due course.
>> A diagram showing the fuel sender and some advice on diagnosis and repair
>> is
>> on my website at
>> http://home.clara.net/hallvw/fuelsend.htm
>> It's written for UK owners, so you may need to find your own sources for
>> the
>> things in the links.
> Thanks for the link.  I had found this early and it was very helpful.  This
> week is busy for me, but if I find time between work and home obligations
> then I will write up the saga of my gas gauge woes.
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