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Another thing to consider is that you want to get a lead acid battery. You will not get the life out of a Gel Cell or Glass Mat battery. Our charging systems while adequate for our vehicles do not play well them.
This has been my experience.
Brion SS. Utah

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I don’t know when this changed, but the last time I bought a battery (not for the VW), warrantees changed from the former 60 to 84  months, all the way down to 24 to 36.  Same prices!  I asked what happened, and they just shrugged.  This was at the major chains (O’Reillys, Pep Boys, Kragen, etc).  I was selling the car so I didn’t care that much, but jeez, what a ripoff!

Back when they had the longer warrantees, you could count on that life, plus a month or two, but no more!  It’s like they had a clock chip inside and time-released baking soda into the electrolyte!

As posted, they last longer in a VW.

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