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Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Mon May 18 07:08:36 PDT 2015

On 18 May 2015 at 0:32, Ray Gifford wrote:

> Hey gang, decided to use the list to get some question answered.  You
> guys seem very willing to sling about your knowledge, so I am holding
> out my cup.  I have a 65 notch, 12v (I assume it was converted?), it
> has been converted to 4 lug and front discs by PO. 
> 1. I want to put drop spindles on it, and I have been eavesdropping
> here about some different front ends around 72?  Do I need to worry
> about that and/or figuring out what front end it has on it? Or will
> any set of DS work? I assume they have to be type 3 drops? 

In order to reuse as many of the parts you already have, you should 
stick with early, '66-71, Type 3 disk brake parts. That said, I've 
heard that someone tooled up to make Type 3 DSs, but that project 
fell thru, or at least they are NLA. Someone else here may know 

> 2.  My windows suck. Sticky, grabby, very hard to get up and down.
> Anyone know of a diagram on how this system is supposed to be so I can
> see what I need to do to fix it? 

The common problem is dried up grease in the channel that clamps to 
the bottom of the glass. There's a slide that needs to ride back and 
forth in that channel and it moves MUCH better with fresh grease.

You have to remove the door panel and then the inner plastic liner. 
Preserve the liner to reinstall later, as it is critical to keeping 
water from destroying the door panel when it rains. Once those are 
out of the way, you can roll the window down partway and see the 
channel, which actually faces away from you. Still, you can reach in 
and clean it out with a rag, and then smear fresh grease in there.

This will make a huge improvement.

> 3.  Is a type3 swing axle different than a type 1 SA?  Looking at
> replacing mine and have access to a T1 tranny. 

They are mostly the same, but there are minor differences. The ratios 
will probably be different, and if the Type 1 is '73 or later there 
are differences in the nose cone and one of the main bearings under 
the nose cone that make swapping difficult or unadvised. There are 
also differences in the length of the axles that depend on the year. 
The Type 3 version also has larger brakes. None of this will be 
obvious at first, but in the end, it's probably best if you can 
figure out a way to stick with the Type 3 tranny.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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