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> Hey gang, decided to use the list to get some question answered.  You 
> seem very willing to sling about your knowledge, so I am holding out my 
> I have a 65 notch, 12v (I assume it was converted?), it has been 
converted to 
> 4 lug and front discs by PO.
>  1. I want to put drop spindles on it, and I have been eavesdropping here 
> about some different front ends around 72?  Do I need to worry about that 
> or figuring out what front end it has on it? Or will any set of DS work? 
> assume they have to be type 3 drops?
>  2.  My windows suck. Sticky, grabby, very hard to get up and down. 
> know of a diagram on how this system is supposed to be so I can see what 
> need to do to fix it?
>  3.  Is a type3 swing axle different than a type 1 SA?  Looking at 
> mine and have access to a T1 tranny.
>  Ok... That's all I will hit you with today, tyvm.
>  Ray

Drop spindles will have to be type 3 only, and will normally be 66 to 71 
style spindle. There are 2 ways of getting them. One is to find a set of 
Bert3's billet dropped spindles (he made 50 sets), or have Russel at Old Speed 
make you a set of welded dropped spindles.

Look in the Bentley manual. In the Body section, they cover windows.

You really want to keep the t-3 trans IF you can. It has better gearing 
that is more siuted to the car (keeps the rpms down, as the car will run 75+ 
all day long).
I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S with IRS and sunroof</HTML>

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