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Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Wed May 20 14:38:47 PDT 2015

It appears, by various posters, that many of us have our own method of
storing our Type 3's
1.)  Drive 'em til they get stored and do NOTHING;
2.)  Store them with a full tank of fuel and start 'em one or more times
during the winter;
3.)  Jim's consideration: " .... adding a bit (whatever "a bit" is) of
2-cycle oil to the gas ..."

My choice for ~22+ years was:
A.)  Drive the car ~25 miles to get everything warm,  Change oil.
B.)  Add the required amount of gas stabilizer and drive to the
barn/house/storage facility,
Note:  I used Stabil for ~18 years until they changed their formula.  Now I
use PRI-G.  (G for gas.  They also make PRI-D for diesel, which I use in
our motor home for 2 periods of 4-to-6 months of "sitting".)
C.)  Put the car on jack stands; remove the tires/wheels and store them in
a cool/dark location;
D.)  Remove the battery and "trickle charge" it for ~6 months;
E.)  Spread Downy Dryer Sheets around the passenger compartment, trunk,
F.)  Cover the car and leave it alone 'til spring.

I never had a problem in the spring, when I reversed the process and drove
the Square all summer.

>Jim's comment:
>I don't think mileage or age damages them, but long term storage of a
>car with them in it seems to have possible rust problems. I've
>considered adding a bit of 2-cycle oil to the gas before parking them
>for the winter.

So ... opinions and methods, regarding keeping injectors healthy & storage,
So, what ever "floats your boat".

Gary "Frito" - '69 Variant, FI, MT
Rockport, TX (winter)
Lake Geneva, WI (summer)
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