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J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Sat May 23 18:31:51 PDT 2015

Just tested five horns from my collection of VW stuff.  I used some wire bits and the in-car battery and found that two worked great...the other three didn't even try.
Why aren't the two-tab connector horns marked with which elec. tab is for hot, and which is ground (earth) ?  I tried both ways, hot-ground, ground-hot, and the non-responsive horns didn't work either way.   Did I fry something to kill the horns?
The two horns that worked had only one elec. connection tab...the grounding being as bolted to the bumper....but another of those one-tab horns didn't work either. This refers to the Snail Shell shaped horns, not the round ones. The round horn on the car, from my parts collection, worked fine to get through inspection.

--  If a horn flunks this test is it a Dead Horn, ready for metal recycling or an art project?--  Any way to fix...say, by opening up and cleaning etc?
--  Can any old 12 V horn from an auto parts store replace...if it fits under the bumper?
Bentley book was no help in this area.

PS:  Though this problem means that Serious Performance Problems may be all solved, still, in some or most states you can't Pass Inspection, or be legally able to drive the car, unless the horn works.  A rubber bulb bike horn mounted on the driver door won't cut it.

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