[T3] 66 Squareback Now Mine

Max Welton max_welton_2k at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 08:00:46 PDT 2015

Very cool Adam! That car actually looks better in the close shots. 
Not the usual for a "patina" car. ;-)
It does sound like the shifter plate needs to be moved a little to the left. Max Welton
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My VW adventures begin again. I will writeup how I found it and such a
little later. I am still a little worn out from my travels to the Austin /
Kyle / Killeen area to visit old friends and find myself a car.

Long story short, I found me a patina cruiser, mechanically sound, with a
lot of character and the perfect daily driver. You can see some pictures


Any of you in the south Texas are have probably already seen this car
around. It was new to me, and I almost passed it over. Fate would have it
that I talked to the owner and his explanation of what all he had been done
inspired me to hop in my truck to go take a look. It is now mine.

What I came here today for was a question about the shifter. First gear is
almost center or right of center. 3rd and 4th gear are WAY right of center.
It is hard to get into first. Reverse is where I feel second gear should be.

My first thoughts were shifter mis-aligned or shift bushing blown. I am
going to go check both if it will quit drizzling. I just wanted to get
consensus and focus from those who have dealt with this in the past.  Most
of you will remember that my 70 Square was an automatic. I have never had
shift issues with my past bugs either.

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