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> the problem MIGHT be due to the tranny (or just the
>  "hockey stick", being replaced by a Bug part."

The "hockey stick" is the shift rod inside the trans nose cone, and is 
shaped like a hockey stick (hence it's name). The problem is the type 3 used 
it's own hockey stick, versus the other models. On t-3's, the stick has a divot 
on the bottom, versus on top for a bug, bus, or ghia. When people have 
their trans rebuilt (or buy a rebuilt one), they don't think about the hockey 
stick being a t-3 only part, and then run into problems using a bug part in 
it's place. To complicate things, companies like CIP are selling a hockey 
stick with a divot on the bottom, and calling it a t-3 "compatible" part. But, 
the divot on the bottom, isn't in the right place. It's actually moved 
slightly over to the left (I think), and is causing issues like you're describing. 
I think Mark (W1K1on the Samba) showed pics of the differences. Some have 
gone to great lengths trying to hold the coupler in the right place, and 
drilling a new divot. :O
I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch with Sunroof</HTML>

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