[T3] Fan Pulley Fell Off

Chris Sheridan cscsheridan at gmail.com
Wed May 27 14:28:45 PDT 2015

Okay an update;

The bolt had come loose - it didn't break off. It appears to be the
'normal' bolt. I recovered that and the washer and cleaned them up and
attempted to reattach the pulley in the method described by first sliding
the pulley onto it's locking tab then attempting to tighten the bolt enough
to spin the engine to the correct orientation. The pulley would not log
into any position. I removed the fan and discovered

1) The pulley's dowel is missing and the hole has been comprimised
2) an unusual shaped washer/spacer fell out and is broken - not sure where
it goes or where to get a new one
3) The Fan's dowel hole also appears to be somewhat messed up.

I bought a spare motor from a 70 squareback off a teenager last week for
$50 - it had been stored in a bus for 12 years and is pretty grungy looking
- the pulley didn't look too promising so I found and ordered one on Ebay
last night. I am wondering if I will likewise have to replace the fan if
the dowel pin is also kinda wiggy.

I posted some photographs here:


70 fastback automatic
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