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> Anyone got a good hockey sick they want to sell me? If I drop the tranny,
>  can it be done without dropping the engine or is this like an automatic 
>  that you have to drop both?
>  I figure I can change the clutch, pressure plate and hockey stick in one
>  fail swoop. Changing the hockey stick is straightforward, correct? No
>  special tools or skills needed? Remember I'm quite handy in a shop. I 
>  want to know what I'm getting into.

Adam, I'd probably pull both the engine and trans out, as you'll be working 
on the front end of the trans (up by the torsion bar), and space gets 
limited quickly up there. It's not really a difficult job, but it will be time 
consuming. You could do it in the car too, but you'll need to remove the axle 
tubes from the spring plates to get the trans to move back some (same job is 
required to remove the trans), but that might give the needed room up front 
to swap the hockey stick out (you'll need to remove the nose cone on the 
trans). It's really up to you on whether or not to do it in the car, as you've 
already removed the bolts holding it in place. You'll have to remove the 
parking brake cables, and the brake lines (you'll have to bleed the brakes 
when you're done) to take the trans out (or pull the drums and unbolt the 
backing plates from the axle tubes) to take the trans out.  
Once the trans is out, you'll have plenty of room to work on it (nose cone 
area). While you have the engine out, replace the clutch assembly.
I hope this helps.
Bob 65 Notch with sunroof</HTML>

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