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Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Sat May 30 12:01:19 PDT 2015

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September 18, 2014:

After Jim A. installed a new set of points in my 1969 FI, MT Square
distributor, hoping that would solve a periodic & PROLONGED engine "miss"
and a test short drive ... everything appeared fine.

A ~25-mile drive, at highway speed to another area location, the engine ran
flawlessly.  A 2+ hour period of "cool-down" sitting, I needed gas to make
another 60-mile trip home.
After pumping 8.8+ gallons of 91-octane (no ethanol) gas & because it was
9:00 pm, I headed for Lake Geneva.  I drove ~1/4 mile and the engine "miss"
Rather than trying to make the 60-mile trip and risking being stranded on
the roadside, I elected to return the Square to the hanger.  But on the ~12
mile-drive to the hanger at 55 mph the engine only missed a time or two.
Because we were preparing to leave for the winter in Texas, there was no
time to diagnose and solve the engine miss problem.

Fast forward to May 27, 2015:

Jim & I went to the hanger and discovered:
1.)  the fuel tank was "bone dry" and after putting in a minimal amount of
gas to investigate the source of the gas leak ....
2.)  when the fuel pump was run, Jim discovered a major leak from one or
more of the "O" rings in the fuel pump.

Jim removed the fuel pump; took it home where he has all the necessary
tools, jigs and parts to properly rebuild the fuel pump.
When he disassembled the pump from the motor, he discovered two "O" rings
were damaged.

The ~2" "O" ring, which seals the intermediate spacer, between the pump the
motor, was semi-hard and had several areas which had "crusty residue" on
and the ~7/16" "O" ring ... under 10-power magnification ... also had
"cracks" and defects.  The outside circumference was also worn flat.

After re-installing the fuel pump the fuel leak was repaired.
No leaks, no drips, no errors.

But on a short test drive around the airport, Jim discovered the Square had
no front brakes.
The left & right rear brakes and the E-brake seemed to be OK.
The FRONT segment of the brake fluid reservoir was almost empty of DOT
(silicone) 5 brake fluid.  UGH!

Although Jim had brought along a (known good) "dizzy" cap, rotor and coil
we had run out of time to chase down the source of the engine "miss"

The Square is sitting on Jim's driveway awaiting resolving the brake issue
and the engine miss problems.

Another "opportunity" for Jim to solve.  :-)

Gary "Frito" - '69 Variant, FI, MT
Rockport, TX (winter)
Lake Geneva, WI (summer)
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