[T3] Brake Bleeding Update

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 13:16:37 PDT 2016

There is a vent hole in the reservoir cap - I've not found a need to loosen
it for bleeding.  

You must loosen the upper bleed screw - it can't be done without!  Get some
de-rusting fluid (liquid wrench eg) on the thread of the seized bleed screw
- not inside the hollow part.  Leave it a day and get a hexagon socket (?
7mm) that fits the bleed screw well.  Very carefully tighten the tiniest
fraction, then loosen a bit.  Do not force anything in case you break the
screw - it's very hard to remove a broken off bleed screw.

You may well find the cross-drilling near the bottom of the screw is rusty.
Clean it out - you may need to use a small drill carefully - or get a new

The hoses can still act as if they have valves in them.  I couldn't blow
through the one I examined, and air goes though much smaller holes than
brake fluid.

There are simpler things to sort before you condemn the master cylinder, but
if you can get a new one for $35, could you get me one please?!  We have to
pay around $120 here in the UK for the dual circuit type. :-(  That's a good
reason to want to sort out other problems first!

As far as the brake pedal push-rod is concerned, if the pedal moves about
3/4" before the rod makes contact with the piston, you have no problem with
that.  Press the pedal with your hand, so you can feel when it does touch.

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71  Squareback:
Brake pedal still can't be adjusted correctly, and still needs to be pumped
a couple of times to work OK.

The situation:  

- Made sure brake pads, front and rear, were good thickness.
- Freed up and greased one of the rear adjustment gear things. 

- No leaks anywhere.
- Reservoir filled to proper level. Cap loosened, and hand-brake off, when
- Top valve in a front double-valve caliper is frozen in place.
- Wheels, with car raised, all cannot be turned when brake pedal is pushed
down with a stick pushing against the driver's seat.

Still, only one of the front valves, when opened, produces a good squirt and
lets pedal go to the floor during bleeding.  The other front one (with the
frozen 2nd valve) does a little squirt.  None produce apparent air...just a
dribbling flow of fluid.  

(Doesn't that fluid, and the fact that brakes hold the wheels solidly, show
that hoses aren't blocked?)

I'd hate to just try a new Master Cylinder, just in case that's the problem.
Found new master cylinders on-line for about $35.  Worth a try?

Long shot:  What about re-adjusting...lengthening...the push-rod from pedal
to cylinder?  How bad must car rust be to make that go out of adjustment?
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