[T3] Brake Bleeding

Don Robertson donrob at yachtsales.com
Tue Apr 26 09:48:45 PDT 2016

Hear Hear!  Couldn't agree more.  The last place to put on your 
cheapskate face is when doing brakes.  When I buy a new (to me) 
vintage vehicle of any kind, the first thing I do is replace ALL the 
brake components.  All of them!  I don't even look at the old 
stuff.  Whatever is on the car is WAY past it's "best before" 
date,  and even if it has been replaced already at some point, you 
have no idea of the quality of the part or of the workmanship of the 
gur who installed it.

Remember, before the cars get quite old enough to be "vintage" or 
"collectible", they are just old shitboxes to the people who own 
them, and repairs are something where saving money is of paramount 
importance.  So if you value your life and your insurance, replace 

If you save the wrong fifty bucks and the brakes fail and your car 
kills someone, you will feel pretty foolish, and be in big trouble.

I often see people on this forum giving very questionable advice to 
folks who are obviously not very mechanically inclined.  If someone 
dies, and there is a written record of someone giving stupid advice, 
they could be in serious trouble too.

When it comes to things like brakes and front end work, if you are 
not qualified, you should take the car to a licenced mechanic and get 
it done right.

At 10:56 AM 26/04/2016, you wrote:
>Ya know, all this messing around with brakes, just replace ALL THE HOSES!
>you will spend more time effort and money screwing around with questionable
>rubber, they are cheap, they are critical safety items, and they take 5
>minutes to replace, especially now that Jim has the correct RR ones, just
>get all the old crap out of there and put some good rubber in the brakes.
>I dont go nuts on "off with the old" very often, but with brake lines...
>its a good idea.
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>On 26 Apr 2016 at 0:02, J. Jonik wrote:
> > What was weird was when my friend helped me bleed last week, she
> > couldn't get pedal to go to the floor even when I had any of the 3,
> > out of the four, valves open.  Front left went to the floor when valve
> > was opened, as it should.     Will see what happens tomorrow.
>In this case, that makes me pretty sure the problem must be with the
>hoses. Start with the front one that doesn't bleed; replace that hose
>with the hose you already have. If that fixes that wheel, then you
>can be pretty sure that your 2 rear hoses are having the same
>I carry both of those hoses. The LR is commonly available, but you
>won't find the correct RR anywhere else.
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