[T3] Engine serial #

Jim Adney jadney at VWType3.org
Sat Aug 27 15:30:58 PDT 2016

To find the engine number, look just to the right of the case split 
on top of the engine. It will be on one of the flat spaces there. A 
US '71 engine would have been a FI engine with a number starting with 
U. It will be written sideways, as if you were standing on the left 
side of the engine looking down on it. Once you find it, post it here 
and we can tell you what we can about what it started life as.

Keep in mind that the engine number means almost nothing at this 
point. Once the engine has been rebuilt, it could have almost 
anything inside it, and a '71 definitely did not come with Solexes in 
the US.

On 27 Aug 2016 at 18:25, 73 squareback Cincy wrote:

> I have the engine in my 73 Squareback, But its from my 71 Squareback 
> from 1999 with Dual 32PDSIT carbs. im curious where the serial # is on 
> the block to verify that its a 71 engine. I still aint satisfied on how 
> its running even though i have been changing alittle here and there on 
> the ignition system and found a broke spring on one of the air/fuel 
> mixture screws.
> Im just wondering if my timing is off but it seems like ever since i 
> changed my plugs and i did properly gap them its not running the same 
> now. it ran better with the 20 year old plugs. so something isnt 
> right... I gapped then at .024 the points is at .016 on the nose. 
> everything is new now. Even has a .009 distributor that was bought new 
> in 1999, and it still sputts when fuel is gaven from a idle. starting to 
> think its the carbs. But im unsure on where my timing should be to. i 
> never changed that since it sat forever. So it should be where it ran 
> last time.
> Just some questions. Im trying to figure this out. My Squareback hasnt 
> left me stranded though. so i just want it to run that 10-15% better to 
> be 100% on a regular drive.
> Thanks for any future info.
> Chris537
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