[T3] Engine serial #

73 squareback Cincy swaffordvw at cinci.rr.com
Sat Aug 27 16:53:00 PDT 2016

I put the 32pdsits on it back in 1999. and took the fuel injection off 
so i know its not original. it is dual port heads though. just wondering 
the proper spot to tune it as timing which i havent touched it in all 
those years so im sure i shouldnt mess with it. probably plug wires or 
the carbs. Ill figure it out. just wanted to check the little stuff. 
wires are next. hehehe Atleast i have a running car.


On 8/27/2016 6:30 PM, Jim Adney wrote:
> To find the engine number, look just to the right of the case split
> on top of the engine. It will be on one of the flat spaces there. A
> US '71 engine would have been a FI engine with a number starting with
> U. It will be written sideways, as if you were standing on the left
> side of the engine looking down on it. Once you find it, post it here
> and we can tell you what we can about what it started life as.
> Keep in mind that the engine number means almost nothing at this
> point. Once the engine has been rebuilt, it could have almost
> anything inside it, and a '71 definitely did not come with Solexes in
> the US.
> On 27 Aug 2016 at 18:25, 73 squareback Cincy wrote:
>> I have the engine in my 73 Squareback, But its from my 71 Squareback
>> from 1999 with Dual 32PDSIT carbs. im curious where the serial # is on
>> the block to verify that its a 71 engine. I still aint satisfied on how
>> its running even though i have been changing alittle here and there on
>> the ignition system and found a broke spring on one of the air/fuel
>> mixture screws.
>> Im just wondering if my timing is off but it seems like ever since i
>> changed my plugs and i did properly gap them its not running the same
>> now. it ran better with the 20 year old plugs. so something isnt
>> right... I gapped then at .024 the points is at .016 on the nose.
>> everything is new now. Even has a .009 distributor that was bought new
>> in 1999, and it still sputts when fuel is gaven from a idle. starting to
>> think its the carbs. But im unsure on where my timing should be to. i
>> never changed that since it sat forever. So it should be where it ran
>> last time.
>> Just some questions. Im trying to figure this out. My Squareback hasnt
>> left me stranded though. so i just want it to run that 10-15% better to
>> be 100% on a regular drive.
>> Thanks for any future info.
>> Chris537
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