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The spring plate bushings were replaced about 3 years ago, but not by us. That was when the car was apart for paint, a rebuilt motor, transmission, etc., so I can’t say what kind of bushings were used. I do know that the left side squeaks when I rock the car. I’m fairly certain that the diagonal arm bushings were not replaced as they’re still black and my understanding is that the red urethane ones are all that have been available for years. Maybe NOS ones were used but I don’t remember that happening…..have to find my notes from back then. 

The replacement is a daunting job in general and even more so 8 days before the winter solstice in NYC. If this needs to be done, it’d have to be in the spring. Am I correct that to even visually inspect the outer spring plate bushing that I can’t just undo the cap and have to fully undo and unload the suspension?


> On Dec 13, 2016, at 1:30 AM, Phil Hof <phil.hof at ostronic.org> wrote:
> I second this motion.  Both the spring plate bushings and the diagonal arm bushings can wear and really throw off your rear alignment.  In fact, there is little use in an alignment until after you have checked both of these visually, and by rocking the car severely while watching for movement or squeaking/scraping noises from them.  It’s a full day’s job to replace all four pieces and get the ride height correct, but the improvement is well worth it in driving pleasure and tire life.
> -Phil
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>> Far as I remember that is correct. 
>> Need to put in a thought here. 
>> … Might also verify that there is still grommets left on the inner arm mount and the torsion bar where the spring plate is connected.
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>> Daniel Du Vall
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