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Ive  driven all over the country with heavy loads and never seen
any kind of odd  tire wear.  im heavily loaded going to the camp
most of the summer and  still, even wear.

Don't forget when you drive to an Invasion Keith. I know that floor  jack 
you carry in it isn't "light". I've seen it in action, so I know it's built  
to last. Then add in all the other stuff you carry (at least you're no 
longer  taking a front beam to the Invasions ;-) ), and you're still fairly 
loaded  down.
When we go to an Invasion (in the Notch), we carry about 100 or  so pounds 
of tools, some spare parts, plus my clothes and my wife's  clothes, snacks, 
drinks (in a cooler), camera, and anything else that got packed  at the last 
minute. I haven't seen any tire wear over the years, and I'm running  
"non-stock" tire sizes, along with having the front of the car lowered 2 inner  
splines. I also don't drive at the speed limit most of the time (John, Jim, 
and  a few others here can verify that). ;-) My biggest problem, is the tires 
" aging  out", rather than wearing out.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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