[T3] Alignment

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 05:38:15 PST 2016

> Squareback rears are supposed to be inflated to 36 psi if the car is
> fully loaded. I saw that car on that trip, and it looked quite full,
> but I don't know how heavy the load was.

There was a lot of stuff, but all told I don't think it added up to
more than the weight of your average adult. So it was akin to having a
3rd person in the car.

> Daniel said his rear tires were inflated to 30 psi, which would be
> okay for a low to medium load, but probably low for what he was
> carrying. That alone could answer much of the wear we see. The
> question that remains is why just on the right side. Is it possible
> that this side was slightly less inflated than the left rear?

Entirely possible!! As long as the predicted snow and icy rain isn't
too bad, I'll check what they look like now after a few hundred miles.

> One final piece of the puzzle I'd like to know is, what is the
> treadwear rating on those tires? 40 kmi may be reasonable for them.

I've hunted around for info on the tires (Vredestein Sprint) and
didn't find anything about treadwear. The Nankangs I just put on there
are only rated for 40k miles though which isn't that much with the way
we drive.

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