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I've put  ads on the Samba and didn't have much trouble figuring out 
how to add  photos, so I can imagine that just putting photos there is 
not too  difficult. That's a good choice for VW photos, because anyone 
will have  access. IIRC, if you're a samba member, you can start your 
own "album"  there, then you put any photos you want in your album. 
Once they are there  you can grab the address (URL) for the photo and 
send it to the email list  with an explanation.
That's where I post all of my VW pictures (you can even see my  modified 
super beetle tow bar that was mounted on my 65 Notch). I think you  already 
have an account there Gary, so you've got the hard part already done.  It's 
just a matter of following the instructions to post a pic in your gallery.  
Keep in mind that Everett has a size limit on pics (needs to be less than  
something meg wise, or kb wise, and also so many bits wide by so much tall). If 
 you're under the limits, you can dump them right in. If not, you'll have 
to  resize them, and your computer SHOULD have a program (from Microsoft) 
that  will let you do that. Some use a Microsoft program, while others use 
something  from Adobe, or even something from Cannon like Arc Soft that lets you 
resize  your pictures. It all depends on what you have on your computer (in 
I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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