[T3] 412 Brake Caliper Question

Jim Adney jadney at VWType3.org
Sat Mar 5 14:03:06 PST 2016

On 5 Mar 2016 at 13:08, William J wrote:

>  I'm not hard on brakes , I checked the pads in 2009 1,500 miles ago and 
> they were 1/4" thick . I never replaced the spreader springs and was always 
> missing one of the tin deals that keep the piston from rotating on the right 
> outer . I could never seem to find them coming with pads and the tin piston 
> rotation holders are not like the ones in the Bentley , they don't fit over 
> the hub of the piston they are held just by the two pad pins and have the 
> angle cut. Then Bentley does not show each change.

I reuse the spreader springs as long as they have enough meat to stay 
in place. I have new ones, but only replace them if they're missing. 
I've only ever seen the OE style of "piston retaining plates." I have 
them, both new and good used if you need one. I came across so many 
of those in mangled condition that I finally made a set of dies to 
straighten them, so they could be reused. 

>  I have never turned the rotors , no point unless they are warped or 
> slightly grooved . Never had the calipers done the outer seals still look 
> good . I have only replaced the front pads once since 85 and the rear wheel 
> cylinders once because new kits leaked and the rear shoes three times.

I never turn the rotors, but I'll replace them if they are well past 
the wear limit. Even if they are slightly grooved, the pads will bed 
into them rather quickly and this works just fine as long as you 
don't do any really hard stops in the first few dozen miles.

It's odd that you've needed so many rear shoes. I have lots of new 
ones, but I've almost never needed to replace any. They tend to wear 
MUCH slower than the front pads.

Rear cylinders must be honed when you rebuild them, to remove the 
rust buildup that keeps the seals from sealing, but this is easily 
done right on the car. Most of the time the OE parts will go back in 
and work well, once the bore is honed. This is a LOT easier and 
cheaper than replacing the cylinder, as long as the bleeder valve can 
be opened.  

BTW, William, you asked about the strainers I have for our ATs. The 
ones I have look brand new: no rust, no tarnish.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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