[T3] Mystery No Start

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 19:36:27 PDT 2016

Watch the idiot lights. When the key is turned to start, they will dim
slightly with the solenoid load. If they don't dim at all, it's probably the
switch that's getting unreliable, or the long red wire under the carpet by
the tunnel to the solenoid.  If they dim, it's a problem with the starter,
or its associated wiring and earths. It could also be a worn starter motor

Nothing in the starter or ignition circuit is fused, so it won't be cruddy
fuses, but cruddy joints might be contributing to the chance of a failure.

The hammer trick is worth trying, as is the nickel across the solenoid
terminals. It helps settle the brushes or armature if they're hung up at
all. It's worked for mine in the past, before I overcame the problem by
fitting a relay.  

Do you have a hard start relay fitted?

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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About hearing solenoid noises....does that mean noise can be heard by driver
when turning the key on?  I heard nothing when it wouldn't start except that
little noise from fuel pump relay.  No clicks, grinds, thunks, or anything
else.   So...the Starter is suspect with or without noises?

   Battery passed 20 minute test at Auto Store. No problem there.
No starting problem since that one time last week.

If the no-start happens again, is this a case where maybe taking a hammer to
tap the starter, while someone else turns the key, might work to start the
car?   ...and then, knowing then that it's a starter prob, when able, go get
another starter or whatnot.

Related?...or not?  A day or so after start problem, radio got weird,
finally dead.  Fixed that by replacing some ugly fuses, and cleaning up the
cruddy fuse holders a bit.  Could cruddy fuse holders be a suspect in
starting....just that one time with wet weather and heavy load in car?


(Adney comment to my original)

It won't have anything to do with the wiper motor. If you hear the solenoid
thunk then it's a starter problem. If you don't hear the solenoid, it's the
starter or the ignition switch or the battery or the wiring in between.  

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


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