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Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
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The horn circuit carries current from the fuse to the horn and then back to the steering wheel, where the horn button grounds it.
If you ground it at the horn, it will work if the horn and the feed circuit is ok. Make sure you are grounding the return wire, or you'll blow the fuse.
If that works ok, it's probably the wiring to the steering wheel end that's at fault.
The steering coupler is a prime suspect. There is a wire that bridges the rubber disc from the steering box to the steering column. That link may be corroded or making poor contact.

If you can't get a decent sound when grounding the horn direct, check the fuse is not corroded,

A new two contact 12V horn should be fine, if the problem is in that. Check the old one is still no good by testing it again off the car, as you don't want to buy one needlessly.

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'71 T-3
Horn works once in a blue moon. Playing with it today, found that rubbing the wire under the steering wheel cover to the metal ground gets a Very Mild sound reaction from the horn...like a goose three miles away.     But that's it.  With steering wheel cover on, and wire hooked up, trying to beep, no honk at all...except sometimes.
So...is this likely the horn itself?   My old salvaged horns are badly corroded and rusty and unreliable...and with different style wire links.  (One wire screwed to the horn body, the other (hot) to the plug?)
Then, can one just go an auto store and buy any 12 v horn to bolt under the front bumper?
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