[T3] Wipers...

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 15:14:19 PST 2016

'71 Sqbk.

Wipers don't work.  A week ago, in rain, they stalled in mid-stroke for a moment, then worked fine.
  Now...nothing...on a drizzly misty day.   A look under the dash showed water dripping onto fuse box from, apparently, bad windshield seal...now sealed.

  Windshield sealed, fuse metal contacts cleaned up, a couple of sad looking fuses replaced...but still no wipers.
  Today detached the fuse box and did snug-ups on Fuse 11 wires, for wipers.   Then the wipers worked...for just Half a Sweep.  They are now stuck straight up on the windshield.  Test light shows ok at top and bottom of fuse.

  So, does that half a sweep tell us that it's not the motor but some wiring thing?   Or is that a Bad Motor symptom?

  Is there a trick way to know if wiper motor is getting the juice?

And, if wiper motor is deemed shot (because of some wetness?) then what?
   Not home now to check if the few old spare wiper motors I have are ok for a '71, but if some are...can they be tested out of the car to be sure they work?

And....I don't suppose it's a good idea to force the stalled wipers into down position.   Or...is that ok?

   Never had wiper problems before.  All new to me.

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