[T3] Brake hose?

Soren Jacobsen snj at blef.org
Sat Nov 12 00:40:04 PST 2016

> On Nov 11, 2016, at 10:33 PM, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
> VW used special hose to make the various interconnects between the 
> brake fluid reservoir and the master cylinder. Early cars used 5 mm 
> ID hose, but VW changed to 7 mm ID hose that was blue in mid-'67. I 
> can buy the late stuff, but I haven't found a source for the early 
> hose.
> What color was the early hose?

All the stuff I've seen has been green.  I've heard that it was originally black, though.

> Does anyone know of a source? Or what do you use?

It's easy to find (in short sections, anyway), since Bugs used the same stuff.  I've bought hose from Wolfsbürg West a couple times in the past: http://www.wolfsburgwest.com/cart/DetailsList.cfm?ID=113611801A


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