[T3] Brake Fluid Hose Specification

S UNSWORTH s.unsworth816 at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 12 21:54:21 PST 2016

It has to be EPDM Hose for Brake Fluid. That's Ethylene Propylene Monomer innner tube with Aramid reinforcement. Usually sold by the Metre on eBay as Brake Reservoir Connecting Hose, or some similar description.

If you ever want to convince yourself that Fuel Hose, or anything else, will not do the job then do the experiment I tried :- leave a short length of new Fuel Hose in a glass jar of new Brake Fluid an see what happens. You will not want to use Fuel Hose for Brake Fluid when you see the result ! The Fluid turns black as the Brake Hose dissolves.


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