[T3] Spark plugs etc.

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 16 14:01:57 PST 2016

Free Advice:  If one pulls the engine to change the plugs, one will need a strong helper to use a socket to hold the plugs still and steady while you unscrew the engine off the plugs. That can't be done with engine in the car.

Then you have to figure out how to put the engine onto new plugs just "finger tight" before snugging them up.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Nov 15, 2016, at 6:58 PM, Gary Forsmo wrote:

> Good one, Jim.
> I got my allotment of "giggles" for today.
> I'm waiting for John J's response.

Dave Hall beat me to it.....

It is almost easier to drop the engine to get at the plugs. <G>

Besides I am dropping the engine to give it a once over anyway.  I want to
clean it all up, re-torque everything, might even pull the heads and
cylinders and check everything out inside too.  She deserves a little TLC...

John Jaranson


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