[T3] Thoughts on overheating

Phil Hof phil.hof at ostronic.org
Sun Oct 2 15:53:07 PDT 2016

Originally I used the ISP manifold with both the pressure and temp senders in it.  However, the temp readings were never useful.  They took too long to move at all, then shot up and stayed warm without changing even as I changed the load on the motor.  I concluded there was not enough flow past the sensor to register properly.

That’s when I read about the inline fitting for the filter lines.  That made it responsive, but the inboard location has spoiled the high temp readings.  I’ll move it outboard right at the filter housing, and I bet I find that solves the issue.

The filter was reading about the same temp as the sump, so it would be a good reading of pre-cooler temps.  This would be higher than what the bearings actually see, but it would be (1) responsive and (2) consistent, which is all I really want from the gauge.  That way I know when it is warmed up, and I will know when I get an “out of family” reading that indicated a change to be investigated.

I’m in no hurry on this now, believing it is not overheating… a few weeks at least, but when I move it, I’ll report my results.
Thanks for the ideas.

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> This would be ideal, but you really need the idiot light on there too,
> and of course the all important oil pressure gauge :-)
> with a Brass Tee, and the sensor in the first Tee (if your running light and
> gauge) you get pretty good temperature transfer and very quick reaction to
> the guage, just remember, your seeing temps THIS WAY about 20F lower than
> whats in the sump.
> Keith
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