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Bob  --
I'm aware some VW parts were painted *after* assembly.  But I can't  see how
the bumper brackets-to-body were handled that way.  I'm only  familiar with
my '69 Square.
Did the rear aprons on Fasty's and Notch's  also have a "slot" to accept the
bracket arms being inserted and then  bolted up?

Good idea to connect the ground wire to the rear hatch latch  on the body
side.  I thought about removing a tail light to get to the  "good" ground.
My other check will be to check the lock washer and hex nut  that mounts the
stem of the back up light to the bumper.

I'm sure  there's a fairly simple reason.  ???  (fingers  crossed)
Yes, the mounts and irons would both be painted, bot the bolts and  washers 
weren't, and when tightened would remove the paint in the mount threads  
and wear a spot clean from the flat washer.
But, I was speaking of how most cars are assembled. Manufacturers  have gott
en to where they're just barely painting them anymore, but then they're  
using galvanized steel that shouldn't rust. That was the thing about AC VWs,  
they painted them pretty decent, but also tried to keep it thin in  areas.
Yes VW did the Fastback and the Notch just like they did the Square  (have 
slots in the apron). That's the thing about older VWs, they were  consistant.
Yeah, it sounds like you're on the right track in tracking it down. You  
just have to keep after it.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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