[T3] fuel injectors for 1971 type3 squareback

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Jim, thanks for the update on this topic.  When you refer to using Bosch injectors rather than rebuilts or substitutes, how
does one acquire Bosch injectors?  I have been told that Bosch no longer makes these injectors.  Vic

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> Hello Jim, thanks for the reply.  I had one injector replaced, the mechanic stated that it was leaking.  I agreed with him
> since I was able to detect fuel vapors near the engine.  The mechanic only had one new injector, but stated that it would
> be good to replace all four at one time.  However, since he did not have four, only the one, the bad one, was replaced.   Hence, the other three are still functional, but new injectors seem to hard to find and I have not been able to replace these.   Rebuilt injectors were suggested since the mechanic has access to someone that does the rebuilds.  I would prefer to use new ones, however.  Do you have access to new Bosch injectors, if so, I am interested in obtaining four.   Please advise.  Thanks,  Vic

I want to double what Keith just said. There's no reason to replace
injectors that don't have some obvious fault. The most common failure
on these is for the short piece of hose that's crimped on them to
spring a leak. That hose can be replaced without replacing the
injector, although most shops won't know how to do this. I do this
regularly for a quite reasonable fee.

Other than the hoses, these don't "wear out."

Injectors in engines that haven't run in years can rust internally
and seize up, or the internal O-rings can dry out and leak. Some of
those can be recovered, but most will need to be replaced.

The end result is that it sounds like the only thing you should be
concerned about is whether your replaced injector was an original 007
Bosch or something rebuilt. If you still have your original, it might
be worthwhile to get its hose replaced and keep it as a spare. To
keep one as a spare, store it in kerosene, to keep the O-rings from
drying out. It should keep that way indefinitely.

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