[T3] Porsche 914 tach on a 73 SB

73 squareback Cincy swaffordvw at cinci.rr.com
Sun Oct 23 06:04:15 PDT 2016

VW friend of mine told me to run the feed line off of the neg. on the 
coil. I was gonna give this a shot. but i dont want to fry the tach so 
im trying to be 100% sure.
It is a MT with 32pdsit carbs. No FI. So i guess ill have to do alittle 
researching to make sure this is correct.

On 10/22/2016 11:45 PM, Jim Adney wrote:
> On 22 Oct 2016 at 17:18, 73 squareback Cincy wrote:
>> I came across a 914 tach, and would like to install it in my
>> Squareback since i always wanted a tech in it. Its been 25 years since
>> i had a tach in a VW so im asking, what is the best way to install
>> this dude for it to detect the RPM's? and is there any kits out there
>> where i can mount it under my dash or something?
> You would need to start by finding out how it was wiyred in a 914,
> then duplicating that in your Type 3. Our ignition systems are the
> same, so you would only need to duplicate the 914 wiring.
> You will need at least 1 extra wire running back to the engine. If
> your '73 is an MT, there will be one extra red wire that runs from
> (near) the fuel pump relay to near the oil cooler in back. All '70-3
> Type 3s got this wire, but only the AT cars used it. The engine end
> will be cut off. The dash end will be hanging freely or may be
> connected to the fuel pump relay.
> If it's too large to replace the clock, check your FLAPs for a
> mounting bracket, or make your own.

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