[T3] broken horn ring and a cool weather idle hunt

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 17:14:58 PDT 2016

If the headlight goes off when you dip the lights, I would guess the
filament has failed.  The earth is common for both filaments, so it wouldn't
be that. It's not impossible for this to be a wiring fault, but a simple
check with a meter on the unit should be all that's needed.  For the UK type
separate bulb I would expect some blackening of the glass, but on a sealed
beam it might not be so obvious to see when a filament has blown.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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> The horn rings up thru about '69 were shiny chrome, while those from 
> about '70-on had a matte chrome finish. The early ones are NLA unless 
> you find a good used one. Both are expensive. I believe the generic 
> replacements you find out there will work on your '69, but I'm not 
> sure about that, because there were horn detail changes starting in 
> '71. If you find one sold to work up thru '70, it will almost 
> certainly work, but it will have the matte finish.

I popped the horn button and found that the horn has the part # 113.951.531F
which cross references with Type 1. There are plenty of those in good
condition on The Samba so it looks like we'll be okay. 

> If you're experiencing loping, as above, this probably means that your 
> (warm) idle speed is set a bit too high. In that case, turn your warm 
> idle speed down a bit, maybe 50-100 rpm.

I lowered the warm idle speed from close to 920 down near 850. It had no
effect on the cold morning lope  which is getting more extreme as the
mornings get cooler. Anything I should look at next? Again..I didn't have
this problem at all last winter or spring with all the same components. In
terms of adjustments, the only thing I've touched since the spring was the
MPS and that was back in July. 

Finally, a new small issue: one of my headlights only works on high beam.
Fuse is new, clean, and good. Of course I can check grounds and connections,
but does this tend to be a bulb/filament issue or a connection issue or is
there no way to generalize? 


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