[T3] broken horn ring and a cool weather idle hunt

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 16:18:01 PDT 2016

> Has anything been changed on your Aux Air Regulator since last 
> winter? It sounds like it may be opening too soon, but, from your 
> description, I get the impression that this isn't really the problem. 
> Could there be another air leak that seals up as some rubber part 
> warms and becomes more flexible?

I haven’t touched the AAR itself since installing it on the new motor in February. I replaced the hoses at the same time. By rubber part, do you mean the intake runner boots? The intake runners themselves are tight to the head (I checked) and I haven’t otherwise had my hands on them since winter. 

> With the engine warm, pull the AAR hose off the air cleaner and close 
> it with your thumb. The idle speed should not change significantly. 
> Is that what you find?

I did this and the idle changed noticeably though I wouldn’t say significantly. It was dark and rainy so I didn’t hook up a meter to see how much the idle dropped by but I could hear it quite clearly. Jim….when the car was in Madison, this definitely wasn’t the case….I recall you pulling the AAR hose off of the oil bath and noting that covering the end of the hose didn’t change anything. This time, it did for sure. 

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