[T3] Vibration 73 SB auto trans?

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Sat Sep 17 18:05:31 PDT 2016

 I have better rear mounts than the original ones on my 73 SB . At least the rubber looks better and they probably are not as old. 

 The Bentley tells you to mark the position of each mount basically so you don't need to center the engine. 

 I notice the mount holes allow for some rotation at least it seems like that . 

 Mine are cracked just a little on the top side rubber yet the bottom side looks fine and they don't appear collapsed at the top. 

 It looks like one piece of rubber . 

 I have this vib only in drive auto trans at idle that goes away as soon as you let off the gas or put it in park . The right side of the car is where I feel it. It has always had this vibration. I do wonder if for some odd reason the rubber where I can't see it where the metal goes through is hard or if it's possible for the metal to be tight on the rubber . I don't know if with good mounts if one can rotate the metal part inside the rubber or not , never tried. What I'm saying is if for some reason there is tension on one of the mounts so when in drive the weight shifts from the torque at idle only and once it's either moving or in park there is no tension no vibration.

  If I put my hand on the right door closed window I feel it and feel the left it's there yet does not stand out. 



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