[T3] Steering box play

Sean Bartnik sjbartnik at mac.com
Tue Apr 4 10:39:10 PDT 2017

> So with the expert help of Sean our steering is once again top notch!

Expert is definitely not the right word. Not by a long shot. However I have learned an awful lot about steering boxes since we installed that one on your car (thanks to Tim) and I can read and precisely follow a written procedure (that's the German in me!).  :-)

Ultimately it was just a matter of ruling out other sources of play and then getting the box dialed in properly. I don't think we quite got the adjustment right on initial installation ~13K miles ago. 

The box itself seems fine; turns smooth throughout its range; no notchiness or stickiness. Plenty of adjustment left on the top screw. My only concern for the longevity of that box is the lubricant inside it; I seem to recall it's packed with regular grease rather than something like Penrite or corn head grease. 

I will be interested to see how long it holds adjustment. 


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