[T3] Junking vs. keeping T-3 stuff....

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
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How far are you from Kutztown PA?



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Driveway is almost clear. Time to have two well-stripped Squareback hulks
('72 & '73) salvaged.   Then, before dis-owning my still-usable '71, I'll
have to resort to a "real car"...a ten or so year old or Honda or Toyota
being recommended.  Then, plan is to sell the '71 Sqbk. to the movies for
use in an early-'70s-themed film...or to a wealthy collector with funds to
restore it. 

 But, there's my basement full of parts left from past rusted-away then
towed-away squarebacks ------ doors, one hatch, windows, wing vents, heater
boxes, engine tin, one trans, seat belts, pistons, flywheels, fans,
crankshafts, heads, push rods, rotors, torsion rods, brake cylinders, master
cylinders, fuel pumps, clocks, odometers,  relays, starters, generators, lug
nuts, hub caps, headlights, taillight assemblies and lenses, chrome trim,
voltage regulators, valves, valve covers, air ducts, ball joints, tie rods,
and even some ashtrays.  And a couple of wiper motors for other than '71. 
None of the cigarette lighters seem to work.

If possible, I do not want to just cash in on the recycle metal value.

What  to  do  with  it  all?...especially back East, in Philadelphia, PA,
where virtually every other similar car has rusted away?  
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