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Kenny --

Re:  Your P.S. "Is anybody boiling hot dogs in beer yet?"

Not relevant to our Type 3's ... or is it?  Hot dogs, wieners and
frankfurters are all about the same.  Bratwurst are a bit different,

Brats (as well as hot dogs wieners and frankfurters) and VW Type 3's are
both products of Germany, aren't they?

Since no one else chose to respond, Kenny, I will.

We don't boil our hot dogs in beer ... but Bratwurst, ABSOLUTELY.

Wisconsin is known for cheese, brats and beer.

But the preparation is the key.
1.)  Buy fresh (not frozen) 4-to-the-pound, pork Brats.
2.)  Soak Brats in beer and lots of coarsely chopped onions - any brand of
beer will do, but a Stout beer is best - for (at least) 1 hour.  Overnight
is better.  Beer and onion mixture should cover the Brats.
3.)  Fire up the charcoal or propane grill.  Place the Brats, beer & onion
mixture is a shallow aluminum pan,  Make sure the Brats are in one layer
and "mostly" covered by the liquid.
4.) Boil the Brats for at least 45 minutes.  Add more beer as needed.
5.)  Remove as many Brats, as people on your guest list, and grill them on
all sides until nicely "browned".
6.)  Serve on toasted Brat Buns.  Make raw chopped Onions, stone ground
Mustard, pickle Relish available as condiments.  (No ketchup)
7.)  Sit on the rear deck of your Type 3 and enjoy.

If you try this recipe, please post your results and 1-to-10 opinion.

Gary "Frito" - '69 Squareback, FI, MT, One-owner
Rockport, TX (winter)
Lake Geneva, WI (summer)
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