[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected aut trans pinging .

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Mon Dec 4 20:17:17 PST 2017

I added 3 gallons of 89 instead of the 87 today.

 Thing is perhaps I'm not relating this well.

 I had the same fuel when this ping just came out of no where . It's pretty 
distinct .

It didn't do this ever until last Friday even after driving 11 miles . Then 
that day on the way home after it sat for 30 minutes driving that mile back 
home it was in 2nd gear then I pushed it a bit and first heard it. Today I 
only drove it about a mile and after getting fuel and a stop to a hardware 
store I tried just to see and it happened twice , I'd back off the gas it 
would stop the ping then just forced it a bit again and it didn't ping at 
all .

 If it were fuel seems like it would lack power and always ping.

 I only allow it to ping for no more than a few seconds before backing off . 
It's louder than a slight ping , really stands out.
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> Last  friday I drove it about 12 miles to pick up a few items at 4 places.
> Each time  the car sat for 10 to 20 minutes. The engine was warmed up . 
> The
> last stop  about a mile away on the way home when it shifted into seecond
> gear if I just  pushed te gas I got a ping . Itwas steady and loud and 
> stopped
> as I backed off  .
> I just drove it today about 2 miles and on te way home it did the  same
> thing yet it does not always happen .
> Does it sound like the  mechanical advance weights might be sticking ?
> I would hear a slight  ping once in a while if I took off from a stop to
> get into traffic from side  streets to main streets . At most three very
> slight pings and not always.
> I checked the timing and it was 5 degrees BTDC per the Bentley and  have
> the proper mark painted . It's also colder now , well 67 F if that's cold 
> .
> I have another distributor that has no wear that I cleaned and lubed  and
> AH which came with the 73 engine it has no wear and I replaced the worn
> fiber washers . I had it completely apart .
> The way the ping is either  there and then not seems like mechanical
> advance weights are either binding or  sticking. I can't see them enough 
> to tell .
> I know they can bind on the pivot  pin or dried out old lube
> I guess the only way to know is pull it and  take a look and then use the
> AH distributor .
> The idle does not go up  when I come to a stop and I'm not sure it would 
> if
> a weight was not returning.  I think it would . I think all it would take
> is a weight that hangs up as I'm  driving then it some how frees up at 
> idle .
> I can see the advance springs and  they are connected.
> The odd thing on the 72 Dist in the car now the  ground lead on the 
> advance
> plate loops over the advance arm on the AH it sits  right where the
> pertronix base needs to sit . I spoke to pertronix and they  said it needs 
> that
> ground . I either need to swap advance plates or remove one  end of the 
> much
> shorter braided plate ground on the AH 73 dist and add an  eyelet to it to
> ground it on one of the pertronix two studs. Trouble with that  is if I 
> need to
> install  points if the pertronix fails I can't .
> Also the Vacuum advance does not work , hasn't since 2009 as far as I
> know.
> I'd go with points yet lately most seem cheap and no one other  than
> on-line sells condensors and the two I have are at least before 97 . I 
> always had
> trouble with points lasting and don't feel an old condensor can be 
> trusted
> .
> Any thought's ?
> Have you tried better fuel? Maybe set up a grade or 2?
> Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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