[T3] Brake light switch conversion.

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Thu Dec 7 10:24:54 PST 2017

 I've never heard of one. Most more modern cars I worked on use a switch 
that works around the brake pedal arm pin  to master push rod . It would be 
difficult rather impossible on VW . You can't use just a on/off plunger 
switch since as the pads and shoes wear the pedal has more movement and 
would break the switch also prevent full braking..

 As soon as you step on the brake the pressure alone should activate the 
switch and thus the light's unless there is an issue with the switches or 
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> Does anyone know of a conversion kit out there to move to a pedal switch 
> from the hydraulic type used on our cars?
> I want to convert over so that i have instant on at the instant i push the 
> brakes. The current system has way to much delay for my taste and honestly 
> no one pays attention here to the fact that you slowing down 😞
> Daniel Du Vall
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