[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected auto trans pinging

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> You answered my first thought, which is if the MPS leaks or not.  You said 
> no., so let’s table the MPS for now.
> Next, I wonder if your injector tip seals are bad.  This would allow air 
> in, causing leanness in any leaking cylinders (and perhaps pinging on 
> that/those cylinders), but because it’s maybe only one of four, and so far 
> from the MPS, it may not tip off the MPS much to enrichen things, and your 
> “pull the TS plug” enriches it enough to alleviate the pinging, those it 
> makes the other, non-leaking cylinders run rich.

 The pinging stopped once I installed the other dist I rebuilt. I had this 
same issue not the pinging that was new and vever happened before. In 2009 
when this started I replaced the injector seals . It was the last thing I 
did because I had to wait for them to arrive and I had high hopes yet new 
ones didn't help . Before this began all I did was put the heat exchangers 
back on instead of the J pipes. Changed all the fuel lines and filter . 
adjusted the valves , changed the plugs which were Bosch that I had from 97 
, oil change . This was when I joined Samba to see if anyone might know . I 
went as far as to check every single wire ECU umplugged and checked for 
opens or shorts . I replaced vaccum lines nad the PVC hose . I've only put a 
little over 2 K miles on  it since . It always came down to unplugging that 
sensor . I got another MPS that was never used and it was better. I replaced 
the plug wires and cap and rotor , gone over the valves twice in 2016 . 
tightened every single FI connector and the FI to case grounds. . I thought 
with all of this it would improve and at times it did yet never lasted long. 
Went through the charging system . Checked for voltage drops . The FI power 
relay is the original as is the fuel pump relay . It's possible I suppose 
the power relay contacts are not allowing full voltage to the ECU , that was 
next on my list . I never really had a reason to suspect it it did have 
battery voltage at the ECU last I checked.
> Lastly, I’ve said this before, but the late model breather/PVC is 
> different than the early style, and I hear that faults can cause vacuum 
> leaks that might cause at least some of your symptoms.  If anyone has a 
> good diagram and discussion of how the late PVC system works, we could set 
> this right and eliminate another variable.  Ot just scan the Samba 
> classified and put in the older, simpler, PVC/breather system.

 The PCV system seems to do it's job and to plug off the head ports and PCV 
to IAD pipe wouldn't be that difficult . I only know of two breathers that 
would work . One is the old draft tube and the other requires replacing the 
oil filler tube and dip stick I think there's one that has one nipple on the 
one cap breather that connects to the oil bath yet don't know it that's the 
entire venting or if it involves the tube down to the oil filler . I can't 
find much info. If the PCV broke I'd have to figure something out . All it 
needs is a way to vent case pressure without sucking up oil in the process .
> -Phil
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