[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected aut trans pinging .

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I did  try a 250 ohm resistor a few times yet for some reason it didn't 
. It  starts out at 27K ohms cold and last I checked , been a while it 
dropped  to 70 ohm  hot.

I didn't see a change until I had over 500 ohms  then it acted like it does 
now only with the air temp sensor plugged in.  It's only a matter of 2 
minutes from a cold engine when the missing begins  I can't say if the head 
temp sensor heats up that fast. 
Seems all the  HTS now are the same part number and are used to cover all 
applications  even though there were different ones for bus and T4 and T3's 

Rays  theory is 70 ohm is below the window of the ECU to read. I'm not sure 
if  this is general info or applies to type 4 .
For your air temps, you should be have a reading of around 22-23K  when 
cold. At 27K, your air temp should be around 30*F, which would be very cold  
for So Cal-Hollywood. Your "hot" temp should be above 100 ohms, with it  
"bottoming out" around 125 ohms or so. Anything below that just keeps  leaning 
out the mixture. This is why I mentioned ballasting the HTS. If you're  
wanting to err on the rich side, a 400 or even a 500 ohm resister is what you'd  
want to put in line with the HTS.
Yes, all of the new HTS's that are available now are the same build,  and 
now are used on all air cooled VWs. It's not ideal, but they do kind of  
work. What you really want to do is check the resistance range before  
installing, as it might need ballast right out of the box. It's a real shame  Denso 
doesn't make a replacement of them, as the quality might be better (more  
like the older Bosch units) than what's available today.
What Ray's theory is that 70 is below the threshold is from studying  the 
Bosch books, and working with D-jet (both in t-4 and t-3 )  applications. 
There's info out there, but a majority is for the 914 (uses  the same system 
basically), as those owners WANT to keep the D-Jet FI working  correctly.Plus, 
they have the cash to have specialized parts made to do so. I'm  not saying 
VW people can't have the parts made, but rather most give up and go  to 
carbs because it's easier to do so.Plus, they're not "concourse" type of  
vehicles like Porsche or Mercedees people show at special events.

Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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