[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected aut trans pinging .

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> What it  does now is
> start and run at 950 and basically holds that even in drive  only with a
> short drop when I shift it into drive or reverse and once warm  the idle
> drops to 850 and seems to remain there in drive then in park  rises to 
> 950.
> I only bring this up not to debate what percentage the air temp  sensor
> richens the mix only because doing this changes the way it runs so  much .
> I
> have read this was an old techs trick on Rennlist I think.
> The 100 rpm drop from park/neutral is normal for an AT car. This is 
> because
> of the torque converter loading up to move the vehicle.

 Yes that I agree is normal .
> I'm beginning to think that maybe you might need to ballast the head temp
> sensor. If it drops too low in resistance, the ECU will continue to lean 
> out
> the  mix. This might be what you're seeing.

 I did try a 250 ohm resistor a few times yet for some reason it didn't help 
. It starts out at 27K ohms cold and last I checked , been a while it 
dropped to 70 ohm  hot.

 I didn't see a change until I had over 500 ohms then it acted like it does 
now only with the air temp sensor plugged in. It's only a matter of 2 
minutes from a cold engine when the missing begins I can't say if the head 
temp sensor heats up that fast. I haven't gone to the extent of removing the 
sensor and heating it in oil to see at what temps it reads what ohm value . 
>From what 've read the reason the engine will not start with it unplugged is 
because it causes an over rich condition it seems to indicate the ECU needs 
to see resistance at all times. I just know it will not start or run with it 
unplugged. I have pots that I can dial in any where from 0 to 1 K ohm and 
dial in 70 ohm to see what it does yet no way of reading actual head temp. 
Seems all the HTS now are the same part number and are used to cover all 
applications even though there were different ones for bus and T4 and T3's .

 Rays theory is 70 ohm is below the window of the ECU to read. I'm not sure 
if this is general info or applies to type 4 .
> Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to IRS
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