[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected auto trans pinging

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Mon Dec 11 12:55:44 PST 2017

 Jim :

 I was able to see the ECU number through the air intake grill in the left 
rear fender .

 The Bosch # is 0 280 000 048   VW # is 311 906 021E.

 Also on Samba I'm being told that the injector seals of the kind that are 
sold by most on-line and FLAPS only last 2 years before drying out and 
cracking providing a leak . Mainly by one fellow who says you should use 
green CIS viton O'ring type . Last ones I got from bus depot and they looked 
just like the one VW sold like they were molded black rubber , by molded 
they have a small ridge around the center.

 I replaced mine in 2009 and just looked and see no cracks . He claims it's 
the fit around the injector tip that is the issue . What I see once 
compressed they seal around the tip/ yellow plastic cover and the base of 
the injector . I cannot rotate mine or move any injector one bit. . He also 
said  seals that sit unused are shot

 I was also told you can't use or find thin enough gasket paper to replace 
the gasket on both sides of each runner to intake plastic spacer.

 I also wanted to ask if you have 4 of the runner to IAD hoses and maybe the 
injector  tip seals ? and if so what would they cost. I can find then 
on-line yet the shipping is a killer.

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> On 10 Dec 2017 at 16:14, William J wrote:
>>  Jim ; did you notice on your 73 IAD if the MPS port has a 3 mm ID
>> restrictor inside it . it's right near the end and flush can't miss it . 
>> I
>> thought perhaps it was placed there to maybe compensate for the size of 
>> the
>> PCV port of the IAD cover.
> There does not appear to be any kind of restrictor in the 3 IADs I looked 
> at.
> It's possible that they were different in '72 vs '73; I looked at both AT 
> & MT. I
> checked the parts book to see if there was a separate part that was 
> intended
> to go there, and there's nothing shown.
>>  I never looked to see if the ECU has a Bosch # it has the proper VW
>> number . I would need to look . The one from the 72 has no # all I see
>> is the clean area wwhere the # tag was.
> My point is that there are 2 different E brains. You need to make sure you
> have the '73 version, which is the 048.
> All of these parts will have the Bosch number; they will also have the VW
> number only if they came thru the VW parts distribution network (including
> parts that were mounted on cars at the factory.) Early brains had the part
> numbers stamped into the metal housing, but around '71 they started doing
> the stickers. The stickers will have both the Bosch and VW numbers on
> them. The stickers were quite durable, but they are starting to get hard 
> to
> read. If you've got one where the sticker is gone, then you're really at a 
> loss
> to identify it, because it might not even be from a VW. In the 45 years 
> since
> these cars were new, a lot of things can get messed up, so don't assume
> that it's still the right part.
> Parts that have only the Bosch number were bought from a Bosch dealer
> that wasn't a VW dealer. I see those occasionally. I've even seen a Type 3
> distributor that had only the Bosch number. That was surprising, as it 
> meant
> that someone actually bought a NEW distributor at some point, and not from
> a VW dealer.
>>  When I got this car it had a MAP Bosch number 0280 100 106  Vw # 311 906
>> 051E . The 72 had a Bosch 0280 100 101 / VW 311 906 051 D and what it has
>> now is only Bosch 0280 100 116  no VW #.
> The 106 MAP sensor is what was supplied with '72s, but it was eventually
> superceeded by the 116, which was standard in '73s.
> The 101 MAP sensor is a European part only, for '72s. Those cars used the
> same 028 brain as our '72s. I have one of those 101s here, too, but I have
> no idea how they got into the US. Someone must have been importing them,
> but the fact that they came with the VW number, means that they came thru
> the VW network at some point.
> Note: Some Euro Type 3s came from the factory with the idle contact on the
> TPS disconnected. That may be what the 101 MAP sensor is expecting. I
> don't have any other info on the Euro differences. Decades ago, I worked 
> on
> a '73 that came here from England in the mid '70s and it had that contact
> disconnected, and it had clearly never been connected.
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