[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB fuel injected auto trans pinging

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Mon Dec 11 07:50:20 PST 2017

On 10 Dec 2017 at 16:14, William J wrote:

>  Jim ; did you notice on your 73 IAD if the MPS port has a 3 mm ID 
> restrictor inside it . it's right near the end and flush can't miss it . I 
> thought perhaps it was placed there to maybe compensate for the size of the 
> PCV port of the IAD cover.

There does not appear to be any kind of restrictor in the 3 IADs I looked at. 
It's possible that they were different in '72 vs '73; I looked at both AT & MT. I 
checked the parts book to see if there was a separate part that was intended 
to go there, and there's nothing shown.

>  I never looked to see if the ECU has a Bosch # it has the proper VW
> number . I would need to look . The one from the 72 has no # all I see
> is the clean area wwhere the # tag was. 

My point is that there are 2 different E brains. You need to make sure you 
have the '73 version, which is the 048.

All of these parts will have the Bosch number; they will also have the VW 
number only if they came thru the VW parts distribution network (including 
parts that were mounted on cars at the factory.) Early brains had the part 
numbers stamped into the metal housing, but around '71 they started doing 
the stickers. The stickers will have both the Bosch and VW numbers on 
them. The stickers were quite durable, but they are starting to get hard to 
read. If you've got one where the sticker is gone, then you're really at a loss 
to identify it, because it might not even be from a VW. In the 45 years since 
these cars were new, a lot of things can get messed up, so don't assume 
that it's still the right part.   

Parts that have only the Bosch number were bought from a Bosch dealer 
that wasn't a VW dealer. I see those occasionally. I've even seen a Type 3 
distributor that had only the Bosch number. That was surprising, as it meant 
that someone actually bought a NEW distributor at some point, and not from 
a VW dealer.

>  When I got this car it had a MAP Bosch number 0280 100 106  Vw # 311 906
> 051E . The 72 had a Bosch 0280 100 101 / VW 311 906 051 D and what it has
> now is only Bosch 0280 100 116  no VW #.

The 106 MAP sensor is what was supplied with '72s, but it was eventually 
superceeded by the 116, which was standard in '73s.

The 101 MAP sensor is a European part only, for '72s. Those cars used the 
same 028 brain as our '72s. I have one of those 101s here, too, but I have 
no idea how they got into the US. Someone must have been importing them, 
but the fact that they came with the VW number, means that they came thru 
the VW network at some point.

Note: Some Euro Type 3s came from the factory with the idle contact on the 
TPS disconnected. That may be what the 101 MAP sensor is expecting. I 
don't have any other info on the Euro differences. Decades ago, I worked on 
a '73 that came here from England in the mid '70s and it had that contact 
disconnected, and it had clearly never been connected.  

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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