[T3] type3-vwtype3.org Digest, Vol 87, Issue 11

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Wed Dec 13 12:25:08 PST 2017

On 13 Dec 2017 at 11:21, William J wrote:

>  Is the chassis number the same as the vin number ? If so for 73 I see 313

Since many cars, including ours, don't really have a "chassis" (or frame) the 
term Vehicle Idenitification Number or VIN has become the standard.

> mine is 363 or does that mean body type like Square back/ fast back?

3xx for Type 3

36x are Type 3 Squarebacks, (31x for Notches and Fastys, 34x for Ghias.) 
I've always wondered why Notches and Fastys got lumped together.

xx3 for '73 (model year, not calender year)

This is the same for all VW models and years, from 65-on, but VW added a 
2 (for 2nd decade) in the 4th position starting in '70, so you could tell '63 
from '73 (even though this confusion didn't occur in Type 3s.)

Note that these 3 digits are very similar to the VW model number, but they're 
not the same thing, and the model number does not encode the year. This 
part is very confusing and I'm always annoyed and dismayed that the 
Germans did such a thing.
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