[T3] Is it possible to do a smoke test to locate vaccum leaks?

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Wed Dec 13 21:52:35 PST 2017

 I looked at a few you tubes on this.

 Oh well thought I'd ask , anything at this point to avoid taking things 
apart then find it's just one hose or something simple.

 All I know it it runs fine for close to 2 minutes only when it's cold and 
sat over night then it begins this erratic miss . How hot can it possibly 
get in 2 minutes? The RPM does not drop in that time frame . With the 
airtemp sensor in when cold I unplug it gets a bit worse like it needs it 
then , after  the 2 minutes unplugged clears it up..

 I'm going to replace the  lines to the trans and AAR to intake and check 
the PCV first then go from there.
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>I would expect it to be hard, but I've never tried it.
> What most people do is use an unlit propane torch. If the propane gets
> sucked in it richens the mixture and the idle speed should change. I've 
> never
> done that either, but it sounds more reasonable to me.
> I would not expect either method to work well for small leaks.
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