[T3] Oily runner sleeves?

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Mon Dec 18 13:18:10 PST 2017

All 4 of the runner sleeves are oily and I don't see any place the oil is coming from. The IAD cover has a small bit yet the runners and IAD top do not. The sleeves are cloth covered and it seems to hold oil pretty well . The ones on the right side drip oil down on the cold start valve .

 I don't see any wet oil on the top of the engine just a light film that's not changed in many years and is easy to wipe off with any dirt it collects. 

 I don't see oil blowing off the converter coolling fins they are dry . I do have a bit of a trans leak on the left yet the left sleeves even though oily do not drip .

 I realize any leak ahead of the eingine can blow back just driving since the area in front of the engine is open above the front cover tin. It's not red like trans oil .

 I know the inside of the IAD has an oil film and i may have over filled the oil bath and also used 10/50 . Reading the Bentley it states 30 weight and an amount and I cleaned it and changed that quite a while back and also cleaned the inside of the oil to IAD elbow and the IAD to oil bath end and it has not gotten oily since. 

 I can't imagine any oil gets through the runner sleeves or I'd have a huge vacuum leak and it's not trans oil sucked through the trans vacuum lines. 

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