[T3] 1966 Type 3 Squareback ( non-functioning horn)

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Wed Feb 1 17:15:51 PST 2017

We don't have a choice in the UK.  It's part of the annual MoT test.  Since
I rarely use the horn, it often needs some attention. Last time I tracked
down the problem to a high resistance across the steering coupler, but since
I was finding removal of the bolts hard in the confined space, I tried a
spare horn, which worked well enough.  Sometimes it's needed the contact
ring on the steering wheel cleaned, or external horn connections improved. 
The last MoT test did highlight some cracking of the steering coupler, so I
will have to change that soon anyway - time for tank out, once the weather
warms up and dries out a bit!

I suppose see and avoid is the main technique for driving, but I wouldn't
want to be unable to give a toot if it might stop someone driving into me in
a parking lot, eg.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

I know we talked about this, Jim.
And none of your Type3's have functioning horns, but you feel having a
functioning horn is not important ... at least, not to you.

IIRC, you believe "tracking down" WHY the horn doesn't work, is a waste of

The problem MAY be down near the bottom of the steering column; near the
steering box?
To get to that, removal of the (near empty) fuel tank, hoses, sender wire,
hold-down clips allows one to remove the tank to access to the area where
the problem "MAY" be?

In your opinion:  Too much work for too little return?
Anything I missed here?

Gary "Frito" - '69 Squareback, FI, MT, One-owner Rockport, TX (winter) Lake
Geneva, WI (summer)
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