[T3] General questions...Vintage VW-related...

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sun Feb 5 10:36:07 PST 2017

1)  Where did Wing Vent windows go?...and why?   Without them, how to get a
little air in the car without blowing hats off people in the back seat?

Too costly to build

2)  Where did car color go?   Virtually every car today has no color or as
little color as possible...so as to be invisible on a dark road.   
VOC regulations have trashed paint in the US, elsewhere?  so its not easy to
get all the colors to hold out and too expensive to have too many choices.

3)  What's the deal with almost all of today's cars, even small ones, having
Four Doors? Whhat car, except a taxi, needs more than two?   Is it that with
an older population, back seat riders can't get in just by pushing the front
seat(s) forward?   And what about expense of fixing those 3rd and 4th doors
if hit in an accident?  ...not to mention expense of electrical doo-dads in
those unnecessary rear doors?

I have a feeling that too many people have gotten caught on the seatbelt
and done a faceplant to keep the car a 2 door...  yea its pricier
to have a 4 door so Im a bit surprised too that there are so many.
maybe Ill feel differently with another 10 years on my body.



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